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About the Club

Just a bit about the club and its activities. We run several events a year but due to loss of land we have had to cut back on the number of events we run. The events have four courses to cater for all abilities

Currently subs are £1.00 for riding members and for social members. If you need to know how to get to the events, check the Venues and events page. If you are still unsure then give me a ring. My number is on the “Contact us” page. You will also need an ACU registration number, we can supply.

The club is based at Hartshead Club which is near Cleckheaton where the Panther Motorcycle factory was based – what do you mean you`ve never heard of it, I bet your dad or grandad have, and indeed some of our past members worked there.

Right, well I think you have a flavour of what we are about so if you are a rider or wish to help organise events then contact us.

Steve Smithies.

To view the Club Constitution and Rules Click HERE

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